Physics 320 - Classical Mechanics - Fall 2019

Credits: 3

Class meets on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at noon in Webster B12

Welcome to Physics 320.  You should visit this website often to keep up on the latest information.  Please check the syllabus for course rules.


Homework Assignments and Projects

Histogram for Midterm #1

        Grading #1

Histogram for Midterm #2

       Grading #2

Histogram for Midterm #3


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I have made arrangements for each member of Physics 320 to get a free license for Origin -- a scientific spreadsheet with amazing capabilities -- which we will use for a class project. It would be wise for you to try to get this software package before class starts so that we have a running start. If you have any issues, bring your computer on Monday and we can troubleshoot after class. Since this is a Windows software (sorry!), you may have to use an emulator or virtual machine on a mac or linux system.

Get Origin.

Follow the steps below:

  1. First you need to set up an account. You must use your WSU email to register. To do so Click Here. When you are done, click on "Manage Licenses" then click "Send Validation Email." Check your WSU email account or the account to which you WSU email forwards, and click on the link. After that, you should be registered.
  2. Click on this link to get your Product Key. It will be emailed to your WSU account
  3. On this page, click the Request button and an email containing a Product Key will be sent to you.
  4. Download the Origin/OriginPro 2019b installer from this link:
  5. Please use the Product Key you receive to activate Origin on your computer. (Select Help: About Origin, then click the License button).

Get Video Extractor.

If you are using a PC, right-click Here. and choose "Save Link As..." to save the Video Extractor App to your computer. If you are using another operating system, use the same procedure to save the file to you computer. Then Click Here for instructions on loading the App.

Students with DisabilitiesReasonable accommodations are available for students with a documented disability. If you have a disability and need accommodations to fully participate in this class, please either visit or call the Access Center (Washington Building 217; 509-335-3417) to schedule an appointment with an Access Advisor. All accommodations MUST be approved through the Access Center. For more information contact a Disability Specialist on your home campus:

Pullman or WSU Online: 509-335-3417
Vancouver: 360-546-9138

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