Andomeda Galaxy on 8-12-2005

Using a Meade Deep Space Imager

Photographs were taken with a Meade Deep Space Imager  and Orion Skyview 120mm short-tube refractor at f/5.  DSI Settings: Autocolor/sharp; Minimum Quality 30%; Evaluation count 5; and combine.  Dark subtract was also used.  The photograph was processed with Corel Photopaint 9 using tone curve, tone curve, color balance and hue.  Corel Photopaint was used for processing the images.  All of these are eyeballed for best iamge.  Note that polar alignment was OK, but not great.
8/12/2005 12:10am PST, 23 x  30s exposures stacked using Meade's DSI Imaging Software.  (Note that the glare in the upper left of the photo is due to a problem with the DSI imager.)