Moon on 12-7-2003  - First Photo of Moon

Using 3com WebConnect webcam.

Photographs were taken with a 3com WebConnect webcam (at medium resolution) at the prime focus of my f/15 7" LX-50 Meade Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope.  All photos are at f/15 unless otherwise stated.  All of these images were stacked using Registax 2.0.  Wavelets were used to increase the sharpness.  The files so created were then further processed with Corel Photopaint 9 using the unsharp mask, tone curve, hue, Gaussian blur and contrast.  All of these are eyeballed for best iamge.
12/7/2003 12:06 am PST Stacked 171 frames

The largest Dark Crater at the bottom is Crater Bailly and is 330km across.  Several other craters are seen inside.  The three equally-sized craters circling Bailly and starting just north of Bailly are craters Zucchius (64km), Bettinus (71km), and Kircher (73km).  Notice that craters Zucchius and Bettinus each have a little peak at their centers.  The elongated crater at the northwest part of the photograph is Crater Schiller (179km by 71km across).

Conditions were hazy all evening.  North is up.