Orion Nebula on 11-28-2004

Using my new Meade Deep Space Imager

Photographs were taken with a Meade Deep Space Imager with my f/5  Orion 120mm achromatic refracting telescope.  The photograph was processed with Corel Photopaint 9 using contrast/brightness, intensity, and unsharp mask.  Dark frame was subtracted.  All of these are eyeballed for best image.  The temperature was about 21o F.  Settings were not carefully recoreded becuase this was one of my first attempts.
11/28/2004 9:17pm PST.  Perhaps 20 exposures of 15 s each were stacked by the DSI for a total exposure of about 300s.

This was my first attempt at long-time astrophotography with the Meade Deep Space Imager.  It was close to full moon and the transparency was bad.  Tracking was also not great.  (I polar aligned the scope by making it face north then checking to see Polaris in the field of view.  There was some obviously observable  drift over 30 seconds.)